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Been a while eh?

Wow.  Been quite a while since I was here to post.

Just got a Mac and am being blown away over how much better it is than the previously mentioned Dell.  Even after the Dell was upgraded multiple times to almost the exact same specs as the Mac, the Mac still far outshines it in many ways!

First, the graphics are much much better.  Despite both having NVidia 8800 512 mb cards, the 3-d and speed of the Mac is quite superior.  They both have 4 gigs and 64-bit OS’s (Dell got Vista 64 which was quite an improvement over all other Windoze systems).

I could go on comparing but I’m tired at this point.  After I’ve had the Mac a few months I’ll have to write up some sort of critique; but for now I must say I’m pleasantly impressed with the Mac itself, Apple customer service and the software provided in general.


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Useful Websites

Here’s an interesting and useful website/utility I’ve found.  Writely.com   is a full featured online word processor with online storage of your docs!  Very useful for on the go sorts or peeps who forget to grab their docs on removable media when out and about.  Just sign in or set up sharing and you’re set!

Best of all it’s free!  In the future they’re planning to add some premium features, but who’d begrudge a little dinero for an ad free alternative to MS!

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“A Cincinnati company is requiring any employee who works in its secure data center to be implanted with a microchip.”

Read about it here: www.worldnetdaily.com

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Stupid Windoze! I’ve just spent the last 5 days tracking down one of those damn gremlins that infest the worlds most ubiquitous OS.

Apparently, when you somehow get some errant code applied to the right click context menu within windows explorer (not internet explorer), it wreaks havoc upon your routine computer use. It seems this is a rather popular problem, although the causes and solutions vary. Here’s a brief description of and solution to:
Description of problem: When right clicking on certain files, either on desktop or within a windows explorer window, the system burps, and an error message appears telling you that explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. Then the error reporting thingy comes up and graciously offers to contact the mother ship. Afterwards, another error comes up stating that “drwatson” has also experienced a problem, and does the same mother ship thingy.

Sometimes the whole system stalls, other times it just refreshes and goes on about it’s business sans a few system tray icons which flittered off into oblivion.

I spend days searching the web looking for similar accounts, and there were many. Not always the same culprit, and not always the same solutions. Sometimes the victims were lucky and the offered advise worked, sometimes not. I utilized many of the solutions to no avail. Sometimes it seemed to work, but then the problem just returned.

During all this mess, I discovered a nice little program, “ShellExView”, a freeware utility available from nirsoft.net which allows one to view and work with behind the scenes process settings.

With the help of ShellExView I was able to determine that that item which led to Steganos Wipe File was the cause of my ire! The key directly from ShellExView is as follows:

Steganos Safe 8 Yes Context Menu No No No c:\program files\steganos safe 8\safe8se.dll {00000000-5736-4205-0100-a0892e6cb168} 1/4/2006 1:30:00 PM 1/11/2006 8:13:01 PM No *, Drive A 2,170,880

This really bites! I was already to reformat and spend my day cursing at the keyboard. I’m so grateful the the authors of the many posts that pointed me in the general direction I took, as well as the writer of ShellExView (who btw doesn’t even have a donation link on his website). As to why this began all of a sudden (it was out of the blue on an old pc with no recent installations of the apparent offending program), I believe it may have had to do with an automated update to the Steganos program. I’ve since disabled the autoupdate!

I hope someone finds this info helpful.



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