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“If and when the bald eagle is removed from the endangered list, two other laws will continue to protect it: the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the 1940 Bald Eagle Protection Act, later revised to include the golden eagle. But those don’t address habitat.” (Emphasis mine)

Interesting – the habitat issue. Here in NJ there’s been a furor over a nesting pair of eagles on a “protected” island in the Delaware River that developers want for development. The biggest obstacle to them getting the tract of land has been the eagles. It has been stated in local papers that the eagles are not endangered and therefore should get the boot! Be aware that eagles use the same nest year after year! I’m sure there are similar stories elsewhere in the US.

Money hungry politicians have been able to use eminent domain to take homes which have been in the same family for generations in the name of “progress” in many places, not surprisingly with the blessing of the US Supreme Court, for their true masters. Now they want to gut environmentally protective laws no doubt to further their own causes as well. Just look at the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve issue.

Read the full story in South Coast Today about the newest threat to our national symbol. I say unless their habitat is also protected, they should remain as they are! What a disgrace, selling out our national symbol!


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