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Another glorious assault against mother nature and our fellow earthlings by the Bush Regime.  I guess a population of 3,800  across 7 states constitutes the full population of these creatures to the all knowing in DC.

“The federal proposal drew support from several environmentalist groups…”  Can you say “Front groups”.  I wonder who these may be?  “Putting states and tribes in charge means farmers will encounter fewer bureaucratic hurdles in dealing with wolves…”  Hmmm..

“Fewer than 1,000 gray wolves remained in the contiguous United States when the species was listed as endangered in 1974. The latest population estimates were 3,020 in Minnesota, 425 to 455 in Wisconsin and 405 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.” 

So an increase in population by about 2800 over 30 years constitutes a “thriving” population!  Straight from the pages of the “US Gov’t. and Little Red Riding Hood Book of Wolf Management” no doubt.

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Here’s a nice story via Reuters about a New York Times bestseller about a family and their dog. It’s doing fabulously as far as landmarks in the publishing industry.

Then the article quotes some “authority”(?) on books:

Bob Wietrak, vice president of merchandising for the Barnes & Noble chain of bookstores, said the book’s success was due to its focus on broader human themes. “It’s about the human condition, it’s about relationships, it’s about family.” (Italics mine)

I see this attitude all over – in religions, industry, etc. It couldn’t be someone loves their dog?! Can you say “armchair psychologist”? No wonder the world is in such piss poor shape. /end rant


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