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Been a while eh?

Wow.  Been quite a while since I was here to post.

Just got a Mac and am being blown away over how much better it is than the previously mentioned Dell.  Even after the Dell was upgraded multiple times to almost the exact same specs as the Mac, the Mac still far outshines it in many ways!

First, the graphics are much much better.  Despite both having NVidia 8800 512 mb cards, the 3-d and speed of the Mac is quite superior.  They both have 4 gigs and 64-bit OS’s (Dell got Vista 64 which was quite an improvement over all other Windoze systems).

I could go on comparing but I’m tired at this point.  After I’ve had the Mac a few months I’ll have to write up some sort of critique; but for now I must say I’m pleasantly impressed with the Mac itself, Apple customer service and the software provided in general.


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