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Woot! Dude, I got a Dell!

Just got me a new XPS 600 from Dell!   Sweet machine so far.  And the price was even better!  Seems it's true what I've heard…call Dell and speak to a rep for the best deals.  I got the low end model – $1699 – with the upgraded RAM and a floppy drive for < $1500 shipped!   So far, so good.  The box is huge – looks like a glowing spaceheater rather than a pc, but wth – I ❤ it!  It made a little noise initially, but seems to be quieting down a bit with time, although it's definately NOT silent. The box is kinda cheesy – mostly plastique – but wtf, I'm not gonna roll it down the steps for sure.  It opens kinda nicely, like a clamshell.  The innards seem fairly easy to get to. The upgraded 20" Ultrasharp monitor is crisp without a hint of dead pixelation or any other oddity.  Very nice.  My biggest complaint happens to NOT be with Dell but rather with UPS.  What a bunch of asshats!  Holy crap!  The boxes arrived looking like they've been dragged behind the truck as opposed to in it.  Holes in the side of the PC box, corners crushed and the seal broke on top and bottom on one end.  The monitor box had similar wounds. I'm surprised the system even worked after seeing what the asshats at United Parcel Service did to it enroute.  This isn't the first time they've mutilated items enroute.  My last Dell pc had 3 21" CRTs ruined by them.  It took my calling Dell and bitching about the carrier and having them ship via Airborne to get me a working CRT.  Hmm…a pattern emerges!  Not to mention the numerous peripherals that have arrived in not so good a shape.  UPS must be the cheapest, and you do get what you pay for in this life for sure.  Everybody bitches and complains about bad products, and I've seen a good bit of complaints about Dell.  I just have to voice my opposite experience and say what a good experience I've had thusfar, from the ordering to modifying my order to the final product.   I'd definately buy another Dell at this point in time. More to come…


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Real surprise there! The Washington Post has a story about how climatologists and other scientists are pretty much censored by the Bush Regime and disallowed to disseminate unedited info about global warming and other similar climactic changes.

Oh, and don’t forget, The Regime has peppered the departments with industrialist plants sympathetic and beholden to the various industries who are responsible for global warming in the first place!

Administration officials said they are following long-standing policies that were not enforced in the past. Kent Laborde, a NOAA public affairs officer who flew to Boulder last month to monitor an interview Tans did with a film crew from the BBC, said he was helping facilitate meetings between scientists and journalists.

“We’ve always had the policy, it just hasn’t been enforced,” Laborde said. “It’s important that the leadership knows something is coming out in the media, because it has a huge impact. The leadership needs to know the tenor or the tone of what we expect to be printed or broadcast.”  

I thought Bush stated he doesn’t bother reading newspaters or watching the news?

/>Click here for full Washington Post story<

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